About Livonary

imageedit_5_4241143949ivonary is a portmanteau word formed by the blending of the phrase “life on a diary”.

Driven by an instinct of self-preservation and hopes of having his journey re-told with the same level of clarity, the author adroitly crafts this digital diary with each stroke and expression. Over time when his stories are told so many times, he becomes the stories and his life ad infinitium.

Distinctively, he is also said to be characterized by the most natural and numinous of human passions – a relentless pursuit to search for his True Self.  During his fleeting presence here, his undying determination has brought him to over 40 countries and a still-expanding intellectual & spiritual universe.

After all is said and done, the author hopes his reader will indulge in reading the lives he has led as much as he revels in sharing his travel experiences and the intellectually captivating Trouvailles that he has picked up along the way.

Envious time is fleeing as we speak, seize the day and click away!

Livonary – life on a diary

✉: livonary@gmail.com 

Instagram: @livonary


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